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Holistic psychology 

mindset & Mindfulness training


Our integrative workshops address both Scientific & Spiritual perspectives of the Self utilizing Psychology, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness practices to enhance the understanding of the human condition. Using the science of the brain and behavior, one can shift their mindset, cultivate mindful practice, and create positive habit change by addressing the basic principles at the root of thought, emotion, and motivation.

Workshop Titles

Week 1: Internal Activators in the Mind-Body System


Week 2: Learning, Association, & The Self Concept


Week 3: Breathwork & Hydration


Week 4: The Human Metabolism


Week 5: Perspective & Mental Framing


Week 6: Emotions, Attachment, & Transmutation


Week 7: Consciousness & The Physical Brain


Week 8: Bio-Physics & Esoteric Sciences


Week 9: Bio-Electric Phenomenon & Geo-Energy


Week 10: Yogic Systems & Physical Principles


Week 11: Chakra Energy & Meridian Systems


Week 12: Spiritual Realization & Self-Actualization

Beach Meditation
Digital Mind

Holistic Integration

BODY / PHYSICAL – (Weeks 1 to 4)

    Metabolism, Exercise, & Eating Habits

    Resting State Physiology & Meditation

    Motivation & Activation of the Body-Mind

    Breathwork Exercises & Yogic Practices

MIND / MENTAL – (Weeks 5 to 8)

    Psychology 101-301 Beginner to Advanced topics in the field

    Mental Framing, Personal Identity, Emotion, & Goal Orientation

    Cognitive Neuro-Psychology & The Nature of Thought

     Meditation: Zen Philosophy & Western Mindfulness


SPIRIT / SPIRITUAL – (Week 9 to 12)

     Energetic Practices & the Self Perpetual Program

     Bio-electric Human Potentiation

     Bio-physics & Bio-Energetics  

     Esoteric Sciences & Psychic Devices

Yoga at Home

The Value You Get...

12 Workshops with Concise Information on Advanced Psychological Theory designed to apply directly to an individual's habits, emotion, and motivation

LIVE Interactive Q&A & Discussions on various aspects of the Mind-Body System and Integrative Practices

Personal practices to help develop and apply a Strategic Action Plan for your Self Development

Advanced Spiritual Practices from 15 years of personal practice in Mindfulness & Meditation



Daniel Martin Rynerson​

Psychological Sciences
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Daniel Martin is a Montclair State Adjunct Professor of Psychology and has attained a Master's degree in the field specializing in Cognitive Science and Psychophysics Research. His experience in scientific research includes EEG brain wave studies, behavioral studies, neuro-anatomical studies, and investigations into various psycho-physical phenomena. He has presented in two research symposiums speaking on 'Expanding Consciousness & Our Idea of Physicalism' (2013) and on the 'Discrepancies in the Idea of Self - East & West' (2014). His previous engagements involve BCC STEM (2016), the Kessler Foundation (2018), the Montclair State Speech Communication Lab (2018), and the Rutgers Center for Behavioral and Molecular Neuroscience (2019). He is currently a member and mentor at the New York Academy of Sciences and has been featured as a Psychology spokesperson on the radio show "Why Do We?" at WMSC Montlcair 90.3 FM.

Daniel Martin has held a spiritual practice for over 15 years, leading various meditations and discussion groups, investigating alternative therapies, and attaining certifications in Yogic Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and Neuro-muscular Reprogramming, as well as incorporating more contemporary methods, becoming a CPD certified Life Coach (2020). Several investigations into alternative therapies and modalities of healing broaden the scope of knowledge that is now embedded within the Self Perpetual program's various teaching methods to disseminate information through workshops, individual coaching, and consulting practices.


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