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Become Self Perpetual

12 Classes, Weekly Personal Practices, & 6 LIVE Workshops

3 one-to-one personal coaching sessions & MORE!

Engage the mind-body system in this accelerated workshops series enriched with personal practices that one can apply directly to enhance the understanding of Self and elucidate the driving forces behind our thought, motivation, and emotion.

Workshops include introductory to advanced topics in Theoretical Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience that are supplemented with mindfulness practices to apply everyday to take control of your habits, your behavior, your motivation, and ultimately your life.

This transformative program will allow you to step into the best version of yourself using the science of the brain and behavior. A particular focus is taken to understand our natural embodiment to enhance the application of knowledge toward your own personal self development.

A Conscious Revolution

Workshops (12 Weekly Sessions)

Our workshops focus on direct concise learning and discussion to facilitate a deeper understanding of the self and the ways in which our thinking can alter the way we live and breath at our very core. How we assess and identify ourselves and our relationships to others is inherently influential to our functional role in the world and society at large yet are often rooted in old science and self-limiting belief structures. Knowing how these standards of behavior hold the mind in tract, we can begin to question these motives, address inequities, and ultimately advance ourselves passed the burden of self doubt, self limitation, and self sabotage. Using the knowledge of self adequately will bring about an approach oriented mindset that will allow the individual to, in essence, reprogram their own body and mind for success.

Integrative Style


The approach taken in our 90-Day Self Development involves multiple avenues of investigation that encompass our human experience. All matter of sciences are incorporated into understanding our personal struggles within a humanistic context. Convergent and integrative sciences such as Biopsychology, Physiological Psychology, Endocrinology, and Biophysics are discussed theoretically to enhance the understanding of the phenomenon of self experience and utilizing the 'tricks of the trade' in brain science to better ourselves. Of particular interest in order workshop series is the use of information in changing cognitive structures that therefore influence physiological patterning and habit facilitation towards healthy human functioning.

One-to-One Coaching


Coaching Sessions serve the purpose of allowing each person to create clarity in their understanding of how the applied principles in Psychology, Neuroscience, and personal practices help to hone their habits and behaviors to enhance self development. The goal of these sessions can be modified by request whether the goal is general self inquiry, genuine self exploration (habits, desires, lifestyle), prosperity in one's career, personal life, or relationships. An individualized action plan can be developed between client and coach that will allow for deeper insights into one's personal motivation and a greater capability to engage in the preliminary work for change by understanding the complex of thought and emotion that affect the individual and their behavior.

How will you benefit?


This program offers not only direct knowledge from the most up to date information on Psychology and Neuroscience today, but also allows you to practice and apply these concepts to your own life. The combination of direct education with personal coaching allows each individual in the program to make leaps and bounds in their own self advancement, understanding their patterns of behavior, emotion, and thought that hold an immediate impact on our well-being, self-awareness, and personal growth. You will also have the chance to direct questions in regards to practical knowledge that you have learned, how to apply it to your own personal practice, and take away this information to grow your passion, enthusiasm, and fulfillment in this world.

Yoga at Home

The Value You Get...

12 Workshops with Concise Information integrating Advanced Psychology, Neuroscience, and Spiritual Practice into one program.

LIVE Interactive Q&A & Discussions on various aspects of the Mind-Body System's Integration

3 Individual Sessions to help develop a Strategic Action Plan for your Self Development (Optional)

Advanced Spiritual Practices from 15 years of personal practice in Mindfulness & Meditation

Workshop Titles

Week 1: Internal Activators in the Mind-Body System


Week 2: Learning, Association, & The Self Concept


Week 3: Breathwork & Hydration


Week 4: The Human Metabolism


Week 5: Perspective & Mental Framing


Week 6: Emotions, Attachment, & Transmutation


Week 7: Consciousness & The Physical Brain


Week 8: Bio-Physics & Esoteric Sciences


Week 9: Bio-Electric Phenomenon & Geo-Energy


Week 10: Yogic Systems & Physical Principles


Week 11: Chakra Energy & Meridian Systems


Week 12: Spiritual Realization & Self-Actualization

Beach Meditation
Digital Mind

Holisitc Integration

BODY / PHYSICAL – (Weeks 1 to 4)

    Metabolism, Exercise, & Eating Habits

    Resting State Physiology & Meditation

    Motivation & Activation of the Body-Mind

    Breathwork Exercises & Yogic Practices

MIND / MENTAL – (Weeks 5 to 8)

    Psychology 101-301 Beginner to Advanced topics in the field

    Mental Framing, Personal Identity, Emotion, & Goal Orientation

    Cognitive Neuro-Psychology & The Nature of Thought

     Meditation: Zen Philosophy & Western Mindfulness


SPIRIT / SPIRITUAL – (Week 9 to 12)

     Energetic Practices & the Self Perpetual Program

     Bio-electric Human Potentiation

     Bio-physics & Bio-Energetics  

     Esoteric Sciences & Psychic Devices


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Interactive Workshops
3 Personal Strategy Sessions (Your Action Plan)

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Entrance to the Self Perpetual Private Forum
12 LIVE Interactive Workshops


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