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Day 1: Breathwork & Physical Practice

Day 1 is all about the physical practice of shifting our energy through the use of breath practices. Utilizing two different methods, we can either amplify or settle our energies in the body. This comes to great benefit to our physical health, in terms of improving our metabolic rate, our immune system, and the health of our oxygen carrying red blood cells. Shifting our physiology in this way will allow us to have a hand in sculpting our state of mind through the physical attributes of the body. 

Day 2: Light Activation

Day 2 is all about the eyes and the acceptance of light. Our nervous system is very susceptible to levels of light in the environment and these in turn set the cycles and rhythms of hormones in our body. Having a practice that allows us to amplify our acceptance of light will increase the brain waves as well as help in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin that increase mood. This is a simple way of reseting our circdian rhythms and brain wave states. Stilling the eyes, we open to our full field of vision, sending the signal for the nervous system to relax, unconsciously communicating a steady and calm perception.

Day 3: Mindfulness Practice

Day 3 is about setting our intention on strengthening our attention and facilitating our stream of consciousness to allow for expanded awareness and the sense of ease and effortless throughout the mind body system. Here, we use a guided practice to reset our neurological baseline and create a new point of reference for settling the nervoues system and coming to a strong internal spiritual awareness of our being.

Day 4: Integration: Hydrate & Vibrate

Day 4 is all about Integration. The practices we have learned thus far and strong activators for the mind-body system however consistency is the best medicine. Our body adapts to what the mind chooses to put it in action, so our practice of mindfulness becomes engrained the more we enact it. Having emphasis on the basics such as hydration and movement, as well as integrating a practice of Vibration, such as humming breaths in a morning meditation can catalyze our awareness to where we are stuck, what parts of us are stiff, and ultimately allowing us to unlock channels in the body that were once closed off to sensation. The subtlty of sound meditation allows an awareness of our breathing as well as where our potential blocks or tendencies for openness arise in the body. So discover more as you hydrate, vibrate, and move forward.

Day 5: Perspectives in Science & Spirit

Day 5 is all about utilizing both scientific and spiritual perspectives together into our practice of mindfulness, therefore balancing our ability to understand ourselves on multiple levels. Awareness is 2 fold, both guided by the intellect as well as felt by the body as an instinctual guiding sensation. Our raw awareness holds the potential as the divine spark of our being and our guiding of this energy through thought, language, and our receptivity creates a position of power for molding a holistic awareness.

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